Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Benefits and Ways of Processing Cassava Leaves.

Cassava is a food that is often used as lalaban urang Sunda. Cassava leaves are sometimes called sweet leaf buds by the Malay people are usually used as a vegetable rich in vitamins. tables are not only tasty and a lot of benefit to the health benefits of cassava leaves, which can treat headaches, diarrhea, and even ease arthritis pain.

Here are some benefits and ways of processing cassava leaves.

Headache Drugs
If you are affected by headache please treat it with the use of cassava leaves, I make it very easy:
  •     Take a few leaves of fresh cassava.
  •     Cassava leaves are finely crushed, and do not forget previously washed first.
  •    After that, the collision we have cassava leaves are finely crushed us
  •    compress it our heads that gets sick.
  •    Do it every day until  Healed.

Arthritis Drugs
Rheumatic pain is uncomfortable and usually are experienced by someone who was growing old. How to relieve arthritis pain?
  •    Take a fresh cassava leaves about 5 pieces, red ginger 15 grams, and whiting taste.
  •    If the material we have, we collect puree, or crushed by blender.
  •    These materials that we have is our mix puree with a little water and stir until smooth
  •    After that the herb rub on the affected part.
Treating Diarrhea
Properties of cassava leaves is no less important is being able to treat diarrhea, while the steps to make are as :
  •    Take a taste of fresh cassava,
  •    Boil cassava leaves her water is approximately 900cc, but before do not forget to wash it first.
  •    Boil until the water is reduced to half.
  •    Take the water filter.
  •    Bolts into two parts, drink twice a day, morning and evening.

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