Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tips on How to Wash Hands With Soap Good And True - Killing Germs Wash Hands

Hand washing is an activity to clean the palms, back of hands and fingers to clean from dirt and kman kill disease-causing adverse human health as well as make the hand a fragrant smell.

Many people underestimate and forget the activity of washing hands after doing a job and before eating so that they are at risk of developing the disease comes from germs on hands.

Washing your hands is good and healthy requires some equipment as follows below:
1. Soap / antiseptic
2. Clean water
3. Wipe / clean dry tissue

For maximum results are advised to wash hands properly, not in a hurry, serious and conscientious ie at least done for 20 seconds. By doing a clean and washing hands regularly can keep us from viruses, bacteria and germs that cause diseases that usually attacks the digestive system of our body.

One of the common diseases caused by germs that come into the human body with food is an alias diarrhea diarrhea. In addition to diseases caused by bacteria, diarrhea can also be caused by a deficiency of body fluids alias dehydration (not drinking).

Process Step / Stage Hand Washing With Soap Antiseptic Good:
1. Wet a clean and flat our hands with clean running water.
2. Soap palm of our hands until frothy taste with a soap bar / liquid that can kill germs.
3. Rub-rub our palms together until blended.
4. Wipe both the back of his hand until evenly distributed.
5. Clean up our fingers and fingernails clean.
6. Rinse with clean running water until no foam remains.
7. Dust our hands, clean hands or paper towels until dry.

Additional tips:
- We recommend that our fingernails are not allowed to run, because it can become a den of disease. If you just love long nails then treat well and keep it away from the collision / injury to the nail polish does not hurt or separated.

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