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liver diet: a diet for people with liver disease

liver diet: a diet for people with liver disease and gall bladder

Inflammation of the liver due to viral infection hepatotropik, toxic materials and parasites

Virus hepatotropik, which frequently: Hepatitis A, B, C

Material toxic to liver cells,
Medications: High doses of tetracyclines, Paracetamol, methyldopa, isoniazid
Chemicals: CCl4, goals benzene, alcohol
Prognosis: Hepatitis A good without defects, B: 90% good

Prompts for patients with liver disease:
1. Provide high-calorie foods, high carbohydrate and fat were
2. Giving protein adjusted to the condition of patients
3. Food given in gradually, in accordance with appetite and tolerance of the patient to the protein

avoid Food

1. All food and meat contains a lot of fat
2. Raw foods that cause gas such as sweet potatoes, beans, cabbage, peas, mustard greens, radishes, durian, jackfruit, cucumber
3. Seasoning stimulating: chilli, pastes, vinegar, ginger, shrimp paste
4. Beverages: coffee, black tea, soft drinks and alcohol

basic diet:

1. maintain or innovate the nutrient deposits in the body
2. prevent or reduce the complications of hepatic encephalopathy
3. promote the regeneration of liver tissue by providing calories and protein in sufficient quantity

liver diets:

  1.  I heart diet, given to patients with severe hepatic cirrhosis and acute infectious hepatitis in a state of pre-coma or immediately after the patient can eat again. Sources of protein be avoided. Liquid foods containing simple carbohydrate such as fruit juice, syrup, the sweet. + 2 L of fluid a day, when there is ascites and diuresa not perfect, max 1 L of fluid a day
  2. Diet hearts II, given when acute or prekoma been resolved. Giving limited protein (30 g per day) and fat are given in the form of easily digested
  3. Diet liver III, given as food displacement of Diet Heart II or to patients with appetite enough. Food is given in the form of soft or normal according to the circumstances of the patient. Protein is given 1g/kg bw / day, the fat was in the form of easily digested.
  4. Liver Diet IV, given as food displacement of Diet Heart III or infectious hepatitis to patients who have a good appetite, have been able to receive protein and showed no symptoms of active liver cirrhosis. Food is given in the form of soft or normal according to the circumstances of the patient.

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