Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Think, But Do not Overstated

did you know that the number of brain cells affected by the way we think. The people who think having more brain cells more in the area of the brain called the frontal lobes. However, too dizzying a matter also not recommended.

In research conducted by Stephen Fleming of University College London, known to people who think too hard about something, for example about a decision, it will have a weaker memory and easily depressed.

"Imagine you are in a quiz such as Who Wants to Be a Millionare and you are not confident with an answer. You can use the opportunity to ask the audience and ask for help," said Fleming.

From the results of research conducted Fleming found someone more confident with the answer or a decision to be taken, to have more brain cells in the forebrain or also called the anterior prefrontal cortex. This area is associated with brain and mental disorders, including autism.

Although it makes the brain think it is good, experts said people who think too hard are more susceptible to depression. In a survey of 1000 people in Britain known to people who have a "working memory" was the weakest are those who like to think of a thing too serious.

Working memory or working memory is the ability to remember the information in the short term but when you remember it, you also have to do something about it. For example, you want to keep a memory of the shape and color of a car, but you also have to answer questions about the appearance of the car.

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