Friday, October 22, 2010

New tips to quit smoking

As a smoker, let alone who was addicted to of course very difficult to eliminate the smoking habit. But despite how, smoking is very detrimental impact on your health, your pocket, and the people around you. So, stop smoking is something worth fighting for.

• The first thing you do is Intention, if necessary, read the prayers to quit smoking.
• Reduce smoking little by little.
• When you smoke, think that you're burning your health and your money you're looking for with difficulty.
• Think about if you're smoking you're killing yourself slowly.
• Think about what will happen to your family if you fall ill.
• Think that smoking is something that is useless and waste your time.
• Try to avoid as far as possible people who are smoking for the smell does not interest you to smoke.
• If you're eager to smoke, try to sit upright and relaxed, then heaved a long breath of fresh air. Do abdominal breathing and respiratory chest 5x 5x. Repeat if necessary.
• The initial reaction to stop smoking usually taste in the mouth, young offended, confused, anxious, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. Instead, eat chewing gum and drinking fruit juices, especially citrus.
• Avoid drinking coffee. Replace it with tea or juice.
• Drink plenty of water.
• If there is your friends who offer cigarettes, ask for money just raw only aliases. Tell me if you're trying to quit smoking.
• Always carry no smoking signs (pin, brooch, or whatever form) wherever you go. So every time you are going to smoke, then there is always a sign of no smoking.
• Be diligent exercise to keep your metabolism balanced.
• Sleep enough. Reduce sleep late.
• Make friends with people who have successfully quit smoking.
• Avoid all things related to smoking.
• Always evaluate the extent of your success, find out where the deficiencies in order to fix it.
• Remember always the intention and pray you to quit smoking.
• Always remember the dangers of smoking.
• Start now to do a healthy lifestyle, because with a healthy lifestyle, you'll look more fresh and youthful.

Good luck.

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