Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Combination Foods For Stomach & Digestive Health

He said, to maintain balance the body's health, we must set a balanced diet. Correlation was with the plot a more regular digestive system. In some literature, the term equilibrium is called food combining [FC]. How big is the FC effect on digestion and health itself?

Some experts suggest that FC is always, always say what to do with FC still have to pay attention to the human body's digestive cycle. Plot the digestion-absorption-exile, which was different in intensity in the morning, noon and night. In addition, the FC is also taken into account acid-base properties of food, so there are certain food combinations are not recommended, because it inhibits the body's digestive smooth working.

You should look at when having breakfast, is a cycle of digestion. Digestion is very intense between 12:00 (noon) and at 20:00 (8 pm). In this cycle the body's energy more concentrated to the digestive function. Throughout this cycle is the time to fill the stomach with solid food. If the stomach is not filled during the day, you will feel very hungry.

If the maximum working digestive function, nutrient absorption by itself will run smoothly, and the disposal of toxins the body was not inhibited. As a result, it must not be otherwise is a healthy body. Most foods contain all the necessary nutrients the human body primarily carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Levels of each of these nutrients in every kind of food does not have the same, but overall every type of food generally have one dominant element of nutrition. Naturally, this condition is in harmony with the human digestive tract that do not have the ability to digest the nutritional elements of the same dominance as well.

Human digestion can not tolerate too many different dominant element. The mixture of different foods different elements akanmengubah dominant food element composition in total. As a result, content that was not the dominant element can be equal or nearly equal measure by elements which are dominant.

For those of you who suffer from peptic ulcers, there is inflammation of the stomach, meaning that sensitive digestion, about food also must be considered carefully. Sensitive Digestion can be caused by a genetic disorder or it could be due to inflammation of the digestive tract. People with this problem should really pay attention to food combinations. For any combination of light as, if not harmony, has been causing problems in some people may not really be felt.

Another important thing, which is closely related to the digestive, stomach and our diet is, the myth of acidic foods can help the function of gastric acid is a myth that is very wrong. The atmosphere would be enough stomach acid during digestion of meat is in progress because the protein-digesting enzymes are very active in the high atmosphere or acid pH 2, o-4, 0. Rise and fall of the level of gastric acid similarity depends on the type of protein consumed. If the pH of the protein is too low, additional food taste sour (acidic foods) will further increase the similarity of stomach acid.

Broadly speaking, high-protein foods should not be taken with very high acid foods like fruits taste sour, vegetable mixed with lactic acid (vinegar), or other acids. Unless the acid is used only slightly, such as lemon juice to reduce the fishy smell of fish. This exception does not apply if the orange nipisnya dilumurkan on fish that have been pickled with vinegar. Have you noticed your food combining?
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