Sunday, November 28, 2010


DIABETES MELLITUS, is one type of degenerative disease is increasingly spread the number of sufferers. Today, the disease can be categorized Diabetes mellitus was ranked first in quantity when compared with other degenerative diseases such as coronary heart disease, kidney dysfunction, hepatitis, stroke, liver.In addition, patients with diabetes mellitus is reaching into people - people in young age and is no longer dominated by the elderly. Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to as the "Mother of Other Deseses" or the Parent that can cause other diseases arise due to organ dysfunction - other organs due to the negative effects caused by this disease. Why can say so ....? , Because when someone has been declared medically suffering from diabetes mellitus which means her blood sugar was contaminated by that spreads throughout the body's other organs where the old - will eventually lead to dysfunction in other organs. Organs - organs that normally have a chain dysfunction due to the effects of Diabetes mellitus are: a. First is the Brain, in this case if the brain has begun to interfere then the smallest influence is the patient will become senile or easy to forget something.b. Second is the EYE, if the eye has begun to be affected will typically experience the most severe nearsightedness or who may experience blindness.c. The third is kidney, this organ can be affected because of drugs - drugs that were consumed during diabetes mellitus and more severe until kidney failure means to do blood transfusions.d. The fourth is the genitals, usually in men - men who suffer from diabetes mellitus will experience erectile dysfunction or impotence, and so forth. Actually, the core problem in patients with diabetes mellitus are due to organ pancreas dysfunctional. Pancreas, when functioning normally produces insulin to process sugar metabolism contained in the blood into energy (glucose is processed into glukogen needed for energy in our activities.) There are many ways by people with diabetes mellitus to reduce blood sugar levels, for example by drinking herbal ingredients such as leaf vinca, white turmeric, corn and other hair - other. Actually, what is done by taking the herbal ingredients are only have the effect of reducing blood sugar levels but would not fix that pankreasnya.suplemen To improve the function of the pancreas, serious efforts should be made of a strict diet of foods containing sugar and carbohydrates and should also be exercise routine under the sun in the morning between the hours of 6-8 AM, as well as taking supplements containing omega-3 as fish oil, sunclorella, and others - others.Exercise routine every morning under the sun in the morning so the body can absorb infrared rays (Biofir) the sun is very useful to help the body's metabolic processes are so effective that helps the process of repair and manufacture of new cells of damaged organs. Similarly, the Omega 3 which can help the process of metabolism of new cell formation of damaged organs and protects our organs cell nucleus. Meanwhile, a strict diet will help lower blood sugar levels for the body's metabolism becomes more smoothly and reduce pollution of sugar in the damaged organs. So what steps should be done as prevention efforts so that we are not attacked by the disease diabetes mellitus? We must remember the guidelines for healthy living that is "PREVENT MORE THAN TREAT". Here below are some guidelines to lead a healthy life, namely: 1. Morning exercise routine, such as jogging, gymnastics, Tai Chi, Qi Gong exercises, leisurely cycling, or swimming.2. Avoid foods that contain fat / cholesterol are often found in fast food meals, and durian, mlinjo etc.3. We recommend using a low-calorie sugar, like sugar from corn4. Avoid foods or drinks made from materials - artificial ingredients and contain lots of sugar / carbohydrates like soft drinks, and chicken cone that many chemical hormones injected fat so fast.5. Strive to eat in the afternoon at the latest at 5 pm, so that glucose in the blood can be broken down because we still do the activity.6. Do not forget to drink plenty of water, a maximum of 2.5 liters per day7. Strive to consume high fiber foods, such as tangerines, beans - whole grains, and vegetables.8. Strive to always think positively, relax / not spaneng in addressing a problem that we face9. Always give thanks to God the Almighty, for all the good fortune and health provided by HIS. And must keep trust and gratitude as well even though we are facing a complicated problem though, and so forth All that has been described above will function properly if we are really - really want to maintain the health of our bodies to stay healthy always is with heartfelt intention to lead a healthy lifestyle. If we are wise in looking after ourselves, we should always realize the way of life so that we can maintain our health is PREVENTION BETTER THAN TREAT ...... DISEASES OF ANY TYPE! !

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