Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Simple way to overcome pain during menstruation

Menstruation is that each month it occurs in a woman. And it is normal for a woman. But behind it all there must be constraints experienced during menstruation occurs. One of them abdominal pain. Pain during menstruation is due to the contraction of the uterus. Is the pain normal?

Pain during menstruation is normal only if it is not excessive. Meaning of excessive pain is pain that we feel so good during menstruation to the point that we can not do any activity.

Pain during menstruation may occur any abnormalities in your uterus. And maybe you cope with or treat the pain with drugs or herbs that are specific to your menstruasi.Sebab be addicted to it all and the results of your uterus may also be experiencing problems.

There are simple ways to relieve the pain during menstruation. Here's how:

At the first day of menstruation you may experience pain so intense stomach. To alleviate or reduce the pain, straighten your legs and take warm water and a small towel. Dip a small towel in hot water and wring it out, then put on the sore. It shall be the pain a little relieved.

How to cope with the pain can also be solved by chocolate. Food is pretty much favored by women in this world. Evidently, it turns out that chocolate can reduce the pain during menstruation.

And breathing techniques

Breathing techniques

Pull in a long breath and Relax then exhale slowly. Do it slowly. So your pain during menstruation will be a little relieved.

And besides when you get yourself in a period, so you keep exercising the muscles in the wall of the uterus is tense and can be quickly completed the process of menstruation. Do not forget to set the time you sleep enough during menstruation

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