Thursday, November 4, 2010

favorite foods can lower blood pressure

In research published in European Heart Journal shows that eating chocolate can lower blood pressure. It added that more than 19 000 people who ate half a chocolate bar every week have a lower blood pressure. They also have the risk of heart attack and stroke are lower by 39%.

This research was conducted to see the men's and women's consumption of middle-aged for eight years. The study compared take place that eating chocolate the most and the least. The difference between these two groups is only 6 grams per day, equal to one small piece of square-shaped in one day.

Brian Buijsse, from Germany Institute of Human Nutrition, Nuthetal states that "in the beginning we have hypothesized that koklat have an effect on blood ekanan, so that consumption of chocolate may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack."

It was found that people who eat more chocolate reduced the risk of heart attack and a half and the risk of stroke is reduced nearly half, compared with people who eat chocolate at least. However Buijsse warn people that eating chocolate may not increase total caloric intake or reduce the consumption of other healthy foods.

Researchers believe that cocoa flavonols of reasons why chocolate is good for blood pressure and heart health of people. And because dark chocolate has more cocoa, the chocolate has more influence.

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