Friday, November 5, 2010

Tips To Sleep No Snoring

After all you should not let the events you snore in his sleep disturb other people sleeping. Do not underestimate that your snoring. Here are 7 ways to prevent so that you do not snore when sleeping: 
Position your body sideways in his sleep. When you sleep on your back, the muscles around the tongue falling backwards so that it will impede respiratory tract. This can cause noise or snoring. Therefore, we recommend that you do not sleep in a supine position, but go to sleep on his side. Snoring is usually caused by bad sleep patterns. People who snore often have unbalanced breathing during sleep. Make your sleep patterns become better and regularly for your breathing becomes more regular. Sleep 8 hours a day, so the body can rest properly. Avoid consumption of some drugs. Some drugs, such as cold medicine, headache medicine, pain medication or anxiety can cause the occurrence of disordered breathing during sleep. Even sleeping pills also have the same effect. Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can result in suppression of breath center in the brain, causing a person to snore. Therefore, avoid this intoxicating beverages solely for your health. Avoid obesity. It turned out that obesity can also trigger a person to snore. If indeed kegemukanlah cause, so it's good you keep your weight you down at least by 10%, so it can return a relief of the airway during sleep. Avoid Allergy. In certain people, allergies can also trigger snores. Therefore, for you who have a history of allergies, avoid factors originators. No Smoking. You need to know that smoking can cause a person to snore sleep, because the real smoking gives a negative effect on your breathing. It would be nice if you avoid smoking. If you need surgery. In this case the cause was the tonsil. When that happens, then you should immediately do surgery, because it is easy to relapse tonsils. With surgery it will not recur and snoring will not happen again. We recommend this to first consult with your doctor. 
Never underestimate the snoring, as it might be an indicator that something is wrong with your health. Hopefully these tips useful for you, for you have good sleep quality, and certainly do not snore anymore. 

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