Monday, November 15, 2010

How to Maintain Endurance Body?

Health body is very important for the survival-daily routine. For that endurance is needed. Especially for not attacked by various diseases, including dengue fever which is currently a lot of attacking people. Everyone will always yearn for her body healthy, fit and avoid the attack of the disease. Like most people believe, better to maintain than cure. Despite having a routine health mounting but still has to be kept busy daily routine is not disrupted by the disease.

To have a healthy body, can not live an instant. Most important is diet
healthy and do not forget exercise. In addition to regular meals, eat a healthy diet and exercise, if necessary you can take supplements that can increase endurance. And of course you have to determine a good supplement for your body.

How To Stay Fit Body:
  1.  Eat a regular for regular metabolism.
  2. Consider nutritional food. Nutritious foods are healthy foods containing 4 5 perfect and contain elements (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and others) needed by the body
  3. Get plenty of rest. Due to lack of rest can result in a decrease of endurance.
  4. Regular exercise. No need to exercise too heavy and excessive, provided that is done regularly.
  5. For patients with dengue fever choose a dietary supplement in accordance with the needs of people with dengue fever. Guava leaf and electrolytes that can help increase the body's platelets, also contain other important vitamins and minerals.

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