Thursday, January 6, 2011


Habits of the bath is flushed directly by the body as a whole. Bathing habits like this will be detrimental to health agencies, especially related to the problem of colds and influenza. By way of a bath like this will cause body heat trapped inside a body that will cause the heat balance in the body (yin) and cold (yan) to be disturbed. Here I lay out the correct way of bathing that can help improve your health, especially the often attacked by common colds and influenza. 
How to start a proper bath, in the following sequence: 
1. Flush starting from the tip of your toes (right and left) upward to the knee; 
2. Meniyam start of the knee (right and left) toward the top to the abdomen; 
3. Pour slowly from the stomach upwards to the shoulders; 
4. Start watering the finger tip of your fingers (right and left) to the shoulder; 
5. Flushing from the neck upwards to the head. 
6. Brushing Teeth 
The sequence of activities as mentioned above must sequentially from 1 to 6 and each one carried out by at least 3 (three) times except brushing teeth. Starting from the bottom of the bath first intended for elevated body heat to the upper body and eventually will be thrown out through the holes (cavities) upper body like the mouth, nose and ears. 
At the time of watering the abdomen and the chest (the order of 3 & 4) we will usually feel the goose bumps, this is caused by the movement of heat from the lower body to upper body. At the time of flush head, shower people will feel a little dizzy. Dizziness is caused by the discharge of body heat through the upper cavity such as mouth, nose and ears. After that we just brush my teeth. 
When the shower activity is carried out continuously (consistent), then approximately within 2 (two) to 3 (three) months you will feel the benefits, the body will feel refreshed, lighter in movement and will be spared the pain of influenza and common colds. 
Good luck. 

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