Monday, April 25, 2011

Variety Water for Health Benefits

JAKARTA, - Water is one of the important nutrients, so be aware of the quality and quantity in the body. Healthy food will not mean much without consuming clean water.
"We always pay attention to four of five perfectly healthy, but we sometimes forget putting water into that category, even though we eat healthy foods that will not mean anything without enough clean water consumption," said Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology, Prof. DR IPB Hardinsyah in Building a press conference at BPPT, Jakarta, Tuesday (14 / 7).
According to him, water is a substance that serves solvent dissolves the nutrients that enter the body. Without adequate water intake, metabolism in the body will not run smoothly.

He also said there are three benefits gained by the body which consume water regularly and fairly. First, the benefits of water for the intelligence of the brain.
"We forget that 90 percent of the components in the brain that is fluid, if the body is less water, then the brain will also be dehydrated," said Hardinsyah.
As a result, he added, the nervous system of the brain becomes obstructed labor. Moreover, if it happens repeatedly. The longer the nervous system work even more slowly and it was very influential on the level of intelligence.
The second benefit is an important and very good water for skin beauty. Especially for women, health and beauty skin gets special attention by making use of water.
"They are very aware if you consume less water will result in their skin," he said.
Related to that, he pointed out that the women who were in a cold area will consume much less water than when they are in hot areas. Their skin will feel dry because the water intake to maintain moisture levels to be reduced. "The third benefit is the water as a source of health," he added.
Hardinsyah explain, in stomach water should have a portion of the balance with other components. That, he said, so that food can be easily digested properly.
"In addition to facilitate digestion, the amount of water balance in the body also can suppress obesity or excessive overweight. Because drinking is enough to reduce the appetite so people will stay slim without feeling hungry," he said

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