Sunday, May 29, 2011

benefits of your favorite fruit: papaya

Papaya or by any other name Carica Papaya. For you who love the fruit of this one need to know some of the benefits of papaya that will push you still make the papaya fruit favorite.

1. Papaya fruit contains enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Contains vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin E.

2. Papaya fruit contains the enzyme papain which serves to accelerate the process of protein digestion.

3. Digestibility are given enzyme papain could digest 35 times as much so as to make food that contains protein can be taken with good benefits.

4. Both enzymes digest proteins into arginine. Compounds arginine is an essential amino acid derived from egg and unusual yeast produced by the body in normal circumstances. With the enzyme papain, the compound arginine which helps produce growth hormone can be produced with good.

5. Papain in papaya is very good in order to digest proteins that are substance-substance waste that is not needed by the body due to incomplete digestion.

6. Papaya Fruit helps remove toxins, help to regulate the income of amino acids in the body, thereby increasing immunity.

7. Besides good break down amino acids, papaya is also able to break down carbohydrates and fats. That's why papaya is used in cooking meat, because papaya is able to digest the fibers of the meat.

8. With antiseptic content in papaya, is able to maintain our equipment, especially intestinal tract of bacteria. PH levels can be balanced so that the normal intestinal flora.

9. All parts of the papaya fruit really has a good function. Seed that is often forgotten just be able to help those who are disturbed digestion oranag.

10. Papaya as a contraceptive. Due to the still half-ripe papaya, raw and mengkal can abort the womb in pregnant women. From the effects of raw papaya is processed into contraceptives. For pregnant women should avoid while taking papaya.

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  1. Very nicely briefly and excellently explained about the papaye benefits. Thanks for sharing.

    Veronica Pitman
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