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Binahong As diabetes medication, shortness of breath, low blood, kidney inflammation, vomiting vomiting, mild concussion

PLANT is growing vines. Often used as a gendola or circular arch over the garden path. Some are named binahong and come from Korea. But this plant is already long existed in Indonesia and called gendola (Basella rubra Linn).

Almost all parts of plants such as bulbs binahong, stems and leaves can be used in herbal therapy. Seed is now easily purchased on Kopeng attractions. These plants are growing well in cold and humid environments.

In addition to enhancing the vitality of a man, binahong can heal the wound in and out like after the surgery, typhoid, ulcers, colitis and hemorrhoids. Can also cope with the swelling and blood clots, restoring weak after the illness, arthritis, bruising hit, uric acid and prevent stroke.

To take the use of rhizoma (bulbs) to taste, washed, then boiled, filtered, and the results after a cold drink 2-3 times a day, this way to heal surgical wounds, ulcers, typhoid, dysentery, physical fitness (add eggs and honey), prevent stroke, gout and back pain.

But can also be dried tubers, and then finely ground, then put in a capsule 0.5 mh and drink 3 times a day.

For external use only, finely ground leaves and stems and then rubbed on the affected part. This material is to heal bruises due to hit, hit the fire (heat), rheumatic, stiff, sore muscles, smoothing the skin.

Bulbs other materials mixed with boiled with betel leaf, ginger with a ratio of odd: 7, 9, 13 for the healing of the heart swelling, swelling of the liver, diabetes, kidney damage and inflammation of the colon.

Trunk to overcome the weaknesses of men, that is the way taken sap is applied to the penis, then set aside some time to do intercourse with my wife. When boiled with kencur (3 cups to 1 cup) drunk every night for one week, the results have also okay.

Savor the Leaf Magic Binahong

Binahong leaves are highly nutritious plants to cure some diseases. Some leaves are chewed or cooked until soft with a glass of water and drink with the waste, or more easily in juice or blended. The properties of the leaf is as follows:

A. Severe disease categories:

Coughing / vomiting blood: 10 leaves taken daily
Lungs: 10 leaves taken daily
Diabetes: 11 leaves taken daily
Shortness of breath: 7 leaves taken daily
Acute ulcerative (chronic): 12 leaves taken daily
Broken bones: 10-20 lb of leaves taken daily
Low blood: 8 leaves taken daily
Inflammation of the kidney: 7 leaves taken daily
Itching / eczema skin: 10-15 lb of leaves taken daily
Mild concussion / weight: 10 leaves taken daily.
B. Mild disease category

Dysentery / defecation: 10 leaves taken daily
Ambeyen bloody: 16 leaves taken daily
Nose bleeds: four pieces of leaves taken daily
Out of surgery / operation: 20 leaves taken daily
Burns: 10 leaves taken daily
Accident / sharp objects: 10 leaves taken daily
Acne: 8 leaves taken daily
Intestinal swelling: 3 bay leaves taken daily
Bleeding gums: four pieces of leaves taken daily
Lack of appetite: 5 pieces of leaves taken daily
Smoothness period: 3 bay leaves taken daily
Out of labor / delivery: 7 leaves taken daily
Maintain stamina: 1 drink every day leaves
Body warmers: 5 pieces of leaves taken daily
Impotence: 3-10 lb of leaves taken daily.

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