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How to Treat Eye Minus

How to Treat Eye Minus - "What can be treated eye minus", "What the eyes can be back to normal minus". The question is often in question may be asked by your suffering minus the eye, nearsightedness or Myopia is the medical term, and yes minus the eye can be treated or made to return to normal.

Minus the eye usually happens when you are working or seeing things close for too long. When this happens the muscles in our eyes adjust eye focus will be familiar with this condition. Use glasses to correct the eye minus the eye muscles will force you to get used to the abnormal conditions that can make eye minus worse when you stay put through a routine job in the near future.

So how to reduce the negative of the eye where the minus or how to cure. Prior to explain further, should you need to know some of the main causes why our vision capabilities can be dropped:

The following causes of decreased ability of the eye:

    * Unhealthy eating patterns, such as excessive intake of simple carbohydrates and processed foods too, and eating when feeling stressed
    * The habit of reading is one such reading and reading while lying in a place with less light.
    * Pollutants in the air, water and food (chemicals, preservatives, etc.)
    * Excessive consumption of sugar
    * Lack of sun exposure
    * Place the working poor
    * Too much television
    * Using a computer monitor is bad
    * The pattern of denial and addictive behavior

Some other things to also consider:

    * Mental condition greatly affects the health of the eye vision (vision fitness)
    * Wear sunglasses that fit the size of minus / plus we are, it will make us more dependent on glasses and no chance to correct our vision. Suggested in this book, for wearing glasses at the same level is lower (by approximately 87.5% of vision capability) so that the eye seeks to improve the focus, and ultimately could reduce dependence on glasses.
    • The condition of the eye that sometimes feels tired, sore, blurry, etc., is a sign / message of the eyes, if eyes are too tired, and therefore if we experience these things, be rest your eyes for a moment

Minus How to Reduce Eye

    * Remove glasses if possible
    * View all objects with different distances
    * Wink is normal, not fast and slow teralu
    * Close your eyes, use the palm of your hand and give a little pressure on your eye. This will help your muscles become weak.
    * Looking at a moving object also helps to relax your eye muscles.
    Eat carrots and various other pieces of the orange fruits are acidic tau.
    * Try to go to the green mountains, vast paddy fields or the sea.

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