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Powerful Ways to Remove Acne : how to remove acne

Keep in mind that acne is a condition where the skin pores becomes blocked, resulting in the onset of inflammation. This inflammation usually causes the emergence of pockets of pus on the skin especially the face. The cause of acne is usually hormonal changes that stimulate the production of glands in the skin of excess oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, cosmetics, and the effects of drugs. Usually a lot of acne occur in adolescence, but it was likely also affect adults.

Disease this one does not often make the sufferer believes in himself, as part of the face stained by small red bumps and yellow. Insecurity is not uncommon to cause the patient is not impatient to get rid of acne on his face through a shortcut, ie, break it with a fingernail. Though it can result in acne scars that have been colored black to be eliminated.

effective way to treat acne

To prevent or treat a skin full of pimples, Powerful Ways to Eliminate Acne that does not spread to other parts of the face. At first you have to know the restrictions that acne sufferers should be avoided, because dealing with acne should not be random.
How To Take Care Facial Acne
To avoid acne has not increased much, acne sufferers should really carry out the commitment of treating facial acne tips below:

    * Do not be too often touching or holding the hand of acne because the body is full of bacteria. Frequently touching pimples can cause acne to flourish. Although heavy, try to avoid the desire to touch the face.
    * Do not break the acne, let alone a new state of acne is still growing, as this can cause inflammation of the skin and cause dark spots acne scars.
    * Try to keep your skin're always kept clean of dirt, good morning, afternoon and evening the match with the skin condition.
    * Avoid the use of materials or cosmetic makeup before bed.

How to Eliminate Acne with Natural Medicine
Many tips on how to treat acne, one of them by using natural remedies derived from plants. Here's how to get rid of acne using natural remedies:

    * Prepare 2 or 3 pieces of old papaya
    * Drying of papaya leaves to dry.
    * Mix the papaya leaves with enough water, then crushed and pressed to take the juice.
    * Apply the juice of papaya leaves on acne.

Powerful Ways to Treat Acne Anti Acne Medications

The second way is written by the author's own experience. Including the first author spotty, but acne is gradually lost until eventually disappear altogether from the skin until now after using the following ways:

    * Keep skin clean by using a facial cleanser of cucumber fruit extract
    * Avoid the prohibitions contained in the above tips
    * Use La Tulipe Acne acne medication Series at night before bed.
    * Perform routine and keep the skin from the above restrictions until the acne was completely gone.

This second way is to mention the acne medication Acne la Tulipe Series, but not the least element of the acne drug product promotion. These tips are taken as true that the way it really works. Hopefully, the powerful acne drug called was still sold to this day and fit with your skin.

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