Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Health issues today : Tuberculosis

health issues today : Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that is still the world's attention. Until now, no single country is immune to TB. Mortality and morbidity caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis is also high. In 2009, 1.7 million people died from TB (600,000 of them women) while there were 9.4 million new cases of TB (3.3 million of them women). One third of the world population is infected with TB where the majority of TB patients are of childbearing age (15-55 years). Explains DG of Disease Control and Environmental Health Prof. dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama at a media gathering in the office of MOH, February 18. The event was conducted as a series of World TB Day (HTBS) is commemorated annually on March 24. Global HTBS theme is On the Move Against Tuberculosis, Transforming the Fight Towards Elimination.

The world has put TB as one of the indicators of success in achieving the MDGs. In general there are four indicators measured, ie prevalence, mortality, case-finding and treatment success. Of the four indicators are 3 indicators have been achieved by Indonesia, the number of deaths had dropped by half by 2015 compared to baseline (baseline data) in 1990, from a population 92/100.000 46/100.000 population.

According to the WHO report Global Report 2009, in 2008 Indonesia was ranked fifth highest number of TB sufferers world after India, China, South Africa and Nigeria. These ratings are down compared to 2007 which puts Indonesia as the third highest number of TB cases after India and China.

Recommended strategy for TB control (DOTS = Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse) consists of five components, namely the government's commitment to maintain control of TB case detection of TB among people who have symptoms through sputum examination; regular treatment for 6-8 months supervised; routine TB drug supply and uninterrupted;, and reporting system for monitoring and evaluation of treatment and programs

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