Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Disease That Often Children Suffered


Factors of infection, namely bacterial infections, viral infections, parasitic infections.Mal absorption factor, for example in absorbing carbohydrates, fats, proteins.dietary factors, such as toxic foods, food allergies.Psychological factors, such as fear and anxiety.The symptoms:At first whiny, restless, increased body temperature, appetite is not there then diarrhea.
The mechanism of the onset of diarrhea:

Impaired osmotic
As a result there is a food or substance that is not absorbed will cause the osmotic pressure in the intestinal cavity rises, resulting in a shift of water and electrolytes into the intestinal cavity, intestinal cavity contents becomes excessive, it will stimulate the intestines to remove, causing diarrhea.
Impaired secretion
As a result there are certain stimuli (such as poison) in the intestinal wall, it will tyerjadi increased water into the gut cavity, full gut, resulting in diarrhea.
Mobility impaired intestinal
Hiperperistaltik will result in reduced opportunities intestine to absorb food causing diarrhea. Conversely, if the peristaltic decrease will cause bacteria to grow excessively and become diarrhea.
As a result of diarrhea is dehydration / lack of fluids can be:
 1. Lightweight, with a sign:thirsty, pee a little, dry mouth
2. Moderate, with a sign:Large fontanel and sunken Decreased skin tension
3. Weight, with a sign: rapid breathingdecreased awareness Unconsciousness

The most basic is to replace fluids lost by way of:
Drink a lot of fluids oralit.
If no oralit, give drink a solution of sugar and salt.
Immediately brought to the nearest health center or hospital

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