Friday, April 29, 2011

Some Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is a recovery activity stamina, eliminates fatigue and one of the brain's natural toners. Beside that sleep may restore muscle cells, bone susmsum kidney, stomach, and brain. If any part of our body wounds, broken bones or cuts the healing process will be faster if we sleep. Sleep also can accelerate the process skurasi and mental efficiency. At the moment we are sleeping, skin cells will divide to form new cells two times faster than when we are awake so that would make us look younger if we get enough sleep.
In one day your heart beats as much as 100,000 times, our blood flows through 17 million miles of arteries, veins, and blood vessels. In a day we jiga speak 4000 words, breathe as much as 20,000 times, moving the large muscles 750 times, and operate the 14 billion brain cells. So we need a break.

Rest the right will bring restoration and the addition of strength after being used all day activity. Rest does not need to sleep, but we can also relax, releks, and all the activities that can relieve the pressures. Also take a walk in the fresh air, exercise, recreation also includes activities that can reduce kesuntukan in everyday life.

A study shows that after waking tudur enough, our brains will return to function very well. Conversations, agreement, understanding, understanding of any type of problem can usually be completed successfully if done early morning, than done tonight. Growth hormone is essential to improve the quality, size and efficiency of the brain, also increases the transport of amino acids from the blood to the brain, which allows nerve cells to continue to learn and useful. Most of the hormone produced when we are sleeping quietly (no load).

Well one of the hormones that are Korsitin, where the highest production time is midnight until morning. Korsitin hormone plays a very important role in helping us deal with stress and pressure, relieve fatigue, and inflammation. When we fall asleep or stay up late, then it can result in decreased body's ability to handle all the activity, reducing power, and vitality in the next harianya.

The human body has been designed in such a way where every organ of the body has time to rest and recovery. During sleep all the muscles relax and our nervous system is freed from all the tension every day. This is the time where the body repair itself.

A study also menyebukan that people who sleep less tend to easily meyerah, often terlkihat worry, do not feel safe, irritable, uncomfortable, tend to withdraw from the social environment and friends, less aggressive, less friendly, show physical complaints and feelings. Well it turns out that the benefits of sleep a lot and is very important to maintain our health. A newborn baby usually sleep 20 hours a day, children aged 6 years need 10 hours, children 12 years 9 hours, and adults 7-8 hours. Many different opinions on the best time to sleep. Jamkah Barapa you sleep in a day?

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